9 Easy Steps to Owning a Gort Home

Congratulations for Choosing Gort Quality Custom Homes!

We are a family-owned and operated custom-home builder that works directly with you. We are honored that you have given us the privilege to serve you and sincerely hope that your home will be the source of much pleasure and happiness for many years to come.

Step 1 – Lot Deposit and Selection

If you choose a lot owned by Gort Custom Home Builders, a fully refundable $5000 deposit will hold that lot for up to 90 days while we work with design options and price. We will also build on your lot in any location.

Step 2 – Blueprints

You may use one of Gort Custom Home Builder's custom blueprints or work with one of our architects to draw up blueprints for your home. We can also work with your architect/blueprint to build your dream home.

Step 3 – Contract

Specifications, or specs, are supplied to homeowners. Specs are approximately 20–25 pages and are comprehensive, covering all aspects of the construction process.

Once pricing, design, options and spec sheets have been agreed upon, the legal contract will be drawn up. Normally, payments are made to Gort Custom Home Builders at the following stages:

  1. Contract signing
  2. Pouring of foundation
  3. Roof sheeting
  4. Completion of rough-in trades
  5. Drywall application
  6. Cabinet installation
  7. Balance at closing

Step 4 – Permit

Once the contract is signed by all parties, we will submit the paperwork to the appropriate local governing building departments to obtain all necessary permits to begin construction of your home.

Step 5 – Financing

The old adage that “cash is king” certainly applies to custom-home financing. Unless you are fortunate enough to be able to pay for your dream home in cash, you will need a construction loan.

Construction loans are different than mortgages. Traditional mortgages are most commonly 15 or 30 years in duration, and enjoy today’s low borrowing interest rates. A construction loan is usually no more than a year long, with a higher interest than the normal market rate. Before a loan is approved, the homebuyer must present to the lender detailed construction plans, including a budget and timetable for completion.

Unlike mortgages, which are paid in full upon approval, construction loans are paid out upon completion of each phase. The lender also carries an interest in seeing the project to completion. Therefore, the lender may send inspectors to the site to gauge the progress, to verify that construction is on schedule, and to ensure the approved plans are being followed.

A construction loan will usually require 20 percent down from the homebuyer. If a borrower does not have the cash for the down payment, he or she may use the land on which the house is being built, provided that land is owned outright by the borrower.

It is always recommended to not borrow and spend more than the homebuyer can afford. Gort will help you with your construction budget by determining what you want in your dream home and see if it is in line with your financial means. You may have a dream house in mind, but let’s make sure your dream is not a fantasy. If you are in need of a lender, Gort has relationships with lenders to recommend for your financing.

Step 6 – Selections

You have the freedom to personalize your Gort Custom Home by choosing from our wide variety of features and various options to be included. Gort Custom Home Builders will provide you a selection sheet to help you make decisions on a wide array of personalized items, including color, tile, carpet, stair railing, trim package, counter tops, brick, shingles, cabinetry, and plumbing fixtures, to name a few.

Step 7 – Construction Process

Construction will begin after the blueprints have been finalized, the building permit has been issued, the spec sheets have been finalized, and the financing secured. Construction time is approximately 150–200 days from the date of excavation, depending on the complexity of the home. Gort Custom Home Builders is proud of the high-quality homes they build—not just the quality you can see, but also the behind-the-walls quality you don't normally see. Gort Custom Home Builders goes the extra mile to communicate with its clients and include them in every detail of the decision-making process. For example, we will arrange a pre-drywall inspection/orientation. At that time you will confirm your selections prior to installation of drywall.

After drywall is installed, you are approximately eight weeks from completion of your new home.

We know you will have questions during the construction process. We will do all we can to answer them in a timely fashion.

Step 8 – Final Inspection

Be assured that your home will be built according to Gort Custom Home Builder's demanding standards of quality. We are proud of our warranty service program and two-year limited warranty. Upon completion of your home, approximately four days before closing you will perform a final inspection of the property with a representative from Gort, Enterprises, Inc. Items in need of adjustments will be noted at this time.

Step 9 – Closing

Upon closing at a local Chicago Title office, you will receive your surveys and keys. You are now the proud owner of a quality home built by Gort Enterprises, Inc.

Thank You,

Gerry Neilan


How long has Gort Enterprises, Inc. been building homes for?

Gort Enterprises, Inc. has been building homes in Chicago and its surrounding suburbs since 1986.

Will Gerry Neilan of Gort Enterprises, Inc. make sure that my home is built to his standard of high quality?

Yes. Gerry gives his promise to make daily inspections to ensure that each phase of construction goes as planned.

Can Gort Enterprises, Inc. build my custom home on my own lot?

Of course. We will construct your custom home on your own lot at any location, or you can select one of our other lots, if they are available.

Can I select any of the features available to be put in my new home?

Yes, you can pick and choose which features you want. You can have any of our features in any of our models, which you can choose in the bidding stage of the selection process.

Will Gort Enterprises, Inc. give me a price on the home that I plan to build?

Yes. Gerry Neilan will quote you a price for construction of your home.

Can I talk directly with the builder, Gerry Neilan, when I have a concern?

Yes. Gerry Neilan will be glad to address all concerns. Indeed, Gerry encourages the buyer to get involved in the process. If you have any questions, please feel free to call Gerry directly on his cell phone: (708) 601-4678