We are a family-owned, custom home builder. Gerry Neilan has been involved in residential construction throughout the Chicagoland area since he founded Gort Custom Home Builders in 1986. Over the years he has built strong business relationships with community leaders, suppliers, skilled craftsman, bankers, and former clients. His exceptional work ethic, easygoing personality, skills, and knowledge of the business industry result in his spectacular final products. Gerry has built trust with each person involved in every aspect of local residential construction by combining his wealth of construction experience and his strong business relationships.

Creating the home of your dreams requires a tremendous amount of forethought and effort. Whether you have already designed your dream home or have no idea where to start, we can help. There are many aspects that go into this process, and Gort Custom Home Builders is there for you every step of the way, including lot selection; acquiring permits; hiring professional architects, designers, engineers, and tradesmen; using quality construction materials; selecting high-quality interior decorations; scheduling convenient and no-hassle title closings, securing favorable mortgage financing; and timely scheduling. For some people building an exceptional custom home can be overwhelming. Choosing Gort Custom Home Builders can make this process easier, and even enjoyable, because we are more than just a custom home builder. We offer all of these critical services under one roof to ensure that you get the home of your dreams on time, within budget, and of the finest craftsmanship in the Chicagoland area.

Our mission is to build homes of exceptional value at an affordable cost. Our goal is not to be the biggest, just the very best at what we do. This is our passion, our pleasure, and our promise to you.

Gort Custom Home Builders may be a small company, but we feel this is an advantage because it helps us create a more intimate and personal relationship with our clients. Our customers get our undivided attention. This enables us to run our projects more efficiently and maintain better quality control. By running a smaller company, Gerry has developed a great relationship with local trade partners who have wonderful showrooms where you can see, touch, and compare the items that you wish to include in your home. As the plans for your home are being developed, Gerry will discuss the construction details with the actual tradespeople who will perform the work. This allows him to create details that add great design aspects but are practical and cost-efficient to construct.

Every Gort Custom Home is guided by the hands-on supervision of owner Gerry Neilan. Gerry works so closely with his clients that he provides them with his direct cell phone number (708) 601-4678. He is available to address any concerns or questions the trade contractors or homeowners may have pertaining to the construction.

At Gort Custom Home Builders, we take our time preparing the project and planning with the client and those who are going to be involved in the building process before construction actually begins. Being fully prepared before construction begins reduces confusion or any miscommunication that may occur during construction. It also helps prevent mistakes in order to ensure clients satisfied with the project that they imagined. We create 20-plus pages of a very specific set of construction specifications for each home. This is included as part of the contract to protect both parties, and to ensure that the specific details the client wishes are included during the construction of the home. Eliminating any fears about building your new home is very important to us and allows customers to relax and enjoy the construction of their new dream home.